Buchaca 2022


Editor Marga Sequeira Cabrera

Texts Marga Sequeira Cabrera, Nuria Guell, Taller Nepantla, Marton Robinson, Nayubel Montero Jiménez, Rosalba Zóccali.

Editorial coordinator Daniela Morales Lisac

Copy editing Marcela Hernández

Graphic Design Jose Alberto Hernández 

Translation Luciana Pavez Phillips

Year published: 2022

Other details: English and Spanish edition

Available formats: Digital.



This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

These multiple, sometimes even opposing, perspectives all share the fundamental idea that artistic practice is work, and therefore, it should be remunerated. And although the State, and subsequently the institutions, should be responsible for the employment status of artists, until that happens, those of us who work in the arts should get organized and be aware of our precarious and informal conditions and start looking for solutions to avoid reproducing them amongst ourselves. In this issue, you will find detailed reflections and ideas on how, in some cases and using certain tools, artistic practices can begin to distance themselves from precariousness. For this edition we invited Nuria Guell (Spain), Taller Nepantla (USA, Nicaragua and México), Nayubel Montero Jiménez (Costa Rica), Rosalba Zóccali (Argentina) and Marton Robinson (Costa Rica).

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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