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TEOR/éTica’s archive is made up of physical and digital documents belonging to three different collections:

  1. Materials related to the work done by TEOR/éTica and its institutional history.
  2. A collection of documents about projects, people and independent art spaces that are important for contemporary artistic practice, primarily in Central America and the Caribbean.
  3. Virginia Pérez-Ratton’s personal archive, which highlights her work not only as the founder of this space but also as a curator, cultural manager and artist.

We aspire for this material to be activated in different ways, experimenting with forms of investigating and reading the past. For this, we have developed the following projects:



Since 2017, the Study Room’s objective has been to activate the materials kept in the Archive and the Library. Through the process of researching TEOR/éTica’s collections with groups of external agents, conversations between this material and their personal research are sparked, generating collective study.


CONTEXTOS (Contexts)

Contextos is a series of video interviews with people who have been part of the history of TEOR/éTica, in order to situate and enrich the readings of the materials that make up the archive. Our aim is to offer other ways of approaching the archive by understanding it from the experiences, actions and contexts that are documented in its collections.


ARCHIVO VIVO (Living Archive)

Aware that there are few institutions dedicated to safeguarding our local artistic memory, this initiative highlights the importance of archiving and sharing information on the recent past of our context. Archivo Vivo is a way of creating a shared collection of materials alongside those who have built – and continue to build – a network of independent projects that have been important to the region’s visual arts.


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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)