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TEOR/éTica Library

(…) Studying is what anyone who investigates and keeps their attention awake towards everything that has not been codified yet.”  – Marina Garcés

TEOR/éTica’s library is a site specialized in contemporary art, art-education, critical studies, design and research from Central America and the Caribbean, that is constantly enriched by the adquisition of bibliographic material. Currently the library gathers around 2000 books and magazines from around the world. In TEOR/éTica study is a way of learning and exploring the our concerns and questions, therefore the library seeks to provide a space – both physical and symbolic – to learn, study and question the artistic practices. One of the main intentions of this space is also to encourage links and exchanges between the other archival materials in Lado V (Archive, VPR Collection and the Library),while offering a space for reading, generating ideas, learning together, research and artistic production. As a way of generating alternative ways of studying and constructing  knowledge , The Red Hall and the Fotocopioteca are proposed as two experimental spaces to study and learn about the available material.

El Pasillo Rojo

Since 2019, El Pasillo Rojo (the red hall) has become a mediation passage for the Library’s materials, it is a changing selection based on specific topics and concerns. We propose random relationships found in books (colors, sizes, shapes, authorships, etc.), as a way to explore and play with the materials at hand, sometimes also generating a dialogue with other projects that are happening in the other spaces of TEOR/éTica. The rule is that there are no rules.

The Fotocopioteca*

The Fotocopioteca is a project that works as a tool for the exchange and distribution of bibliographic material in the field of artistic and critical practices around contemporary art. Each selection of the Fotocopioteca responds to a different reading, editing and playing exercise, where we invite the public to take, edit or write down as they like. In this way, each space works as an experimental system for the circulation of materials, thus assembling a body of public reading and a place for the exchange of ideas.

*Inspired by the fotocopioteca from Lugar a dudas. Cali, Colombia, we are echoing good practices of dissemination and sharing of materials. We invite you to do the same!


Opening hours are:

Due to Covid restrictions, visiting hours are suspended indefinately. If you wish to make an appointment please email

Search system:

Currently 80% of the materials are in our online database, and can be consulted at We also have a computer on site for database consultation. The use of the library and its materials is completely free. All materials are available for consultation exclusively in our space. The library has a mezzanine, work tables, study room, free wi-fi and a digital database. Also through a donation, you can use the printer to make copies or scan the library materials.

For questions, appointments or questions you can write to

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)