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  • Lado V
  • TEOR/ética
  • 15 February, 2018
  • Thursday, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Lado V

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OPENING – In praise of rupture / Old Beard / The land in between


Thursday, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
15 February, 2018



Organizer's other events
    • In praise of rupture – Rooms 1 and  2 – February 15th- May 26th
    • The land in between – Room 3 – February 15th – April 21st
    • Old Beard by Verónica Vides –  Room  4 – February 15th – April 21st

    The exhibition Barba Vieja (Old Beard) by Verónica Vides and Elogio de la ruptura (In praise of rupture) are part of the approaches or strategies that we are developing from TEOR/éTica’s Lado V – Centre for Study and Documentation. This in order to share with the public different archival material, in dialogue with the collection, as well as to activate the library by creating links between the three areas.  La tierra de en medio (The land in between) is a proposal that accompanies these initiatives, by showing a selection of recent video art from the region.

    Barba Vieja (2009) is a piece by Salvadoran artist Verónica Vides, belonging to the Virginia Pérez-Ratton Collection since 2010. This work is part of a series of explorations about nature, through industrial elements – such as forged iron – emphasize the tensions regarding the natural environment and the city’s growth. The installation was originally presented in Galería Sol del Río in Guatemala (2009), and later in De Gallery, in San Salvador (2010). These installations were comprised of fifty three spiders made of recycled iron. The installation shown here is made of twelve spiders. Most of the pieces were sold individually by the artist. This group is the only one that was maintained as such.

    Elogio de la ruptura is an approach to Virginia Pérez-Ratton’s artistic production, through a series of documents that are part of the archive: emails, blueprints and conceptual sketches for a personal exhibition in Guatemala in 1999 that was never realized. This material is shown for the first time alongside some of Pérez-Ratton’s works, planned to be included in this exhibition. The montage allows for an assessment of the complexity of this production, as well as the agents involved, the attempts of critical exchange between Costa Rica and Guatemala in the 90s, and the artist’s reflections about the selected works. This exhibition delves into how Virginia Pérez-Ratton’s artistic work converged with her work as an agent and director of institutional spaces.

    The video program titled La Tierra de en medio is an approximation to the uses and transformations of contemporary video in Central America. The selection mainly gathers works produced in the last decade, that touch on different local issues. This program was curated by Miguel A. López for the Annual International Videoart Festival in Lisboa, shown in 2017. It includes videos by artists Maria Raquel Cochez,  Jonathan Harker and Humberto Vélez (Panama); Stephanie Williams, Lucía Madriz and Carlos Fernández (Costa Rica); Alejandro de la Guerra (Nicaragua); Jorge de León, Sandra Monterroso and Mario Santizo (Guatemala); Romina Memoli Amador and Hugo Ochoa (Honduras); and Crack Rodríguez and Alexia Miranda (El Salvador)

    The exhibitions were thought of and produced by Gloriana Amador, Karla Herencia, Miguel A. López, Daniela Morales Lisac, Kevin Pérez, Dominique Ratton Pérez and Viviana Zúñiga Ramírez.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)